About Us

Five Horsemen is a privately held General Contracting and Construction Management firm specializing in high end ground-up construction in the Tri-State area.  The principals have over 25 years of combined experience and continuously strive to excel and be on the cutting edge of construction methods.

Aside from Five Horsemen’s expertise and specialty in commercial and residential ground-up construction, we diversify ourselves by providing services for a wide range of construction related projects such as:

Current Projects

Location: Manhattan, NY

Description: A new 7 story ground-up luxury condominium located in Gramercy, surrounded by up-scale apartments and brownstone.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Description: A new 5 story ground-up condominium in the heart of Bushwick, a sprawling neighborhood with trendy restaurants and rising real estate.

Location: Queens, NY

Description: A new 1,300,000 square foot plus mixed-use development in growing neighborhood in Queens, NY.  This project will be a live, work

Landmarks Projects

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